I’m proud to have been teaching Pilates in the San Jose area since 2005. I’ve had the opportunity to work at many wonderful studios all while having my own small private studio in my home.

About The Studio

Absolute Pilates Plus is a private home studio fully equipped with reformers, towers, chairs and numerous custom accessories. My goal is to give my clients the tools to move and work their bodies so they can feel better in their daily activities. Each person’s fitness goals are always taken into consideration when I work with you to improve your movement.

I tailor to my specific client needs so my mat classes are generally only 4-5 clients and I offer private and duet equipment classes only.

Given the challenges of the current times, I have recently added virtual mat classes and privates to my offerings.

About Lori

Hi I’m Lori, welcome to my website, it great to have you here.

Here are three fun facts about me:

First: I love movement and always have. When I was young I was a dancer that continued through High School. Also in HS I was a track and cross-country runner. In college I continued running, dancing, swimming and hiking. I just felt good to be active. When I got married it was in Yosemite and we hiked to the top of Half Dome for fun!

Second: I love to cook and bake, I’m also good at it! Cooking gives me great pleasure whether it’s cooking for my husband or a group of people. It’s great to get together at the table enjoying good food and good company!

Third: I have always loved fashion and style, from the time I was little and even now. I would look at books on fashion and magazines often trying to duplicate some part of an outfit. Many times it was just some piece of an outfit that spoke to me and I would figure out how to make that part of my own style.

You might wonder what these three things have in common other than giving you information about who I am. Well, for me all three are about the details. The detail of a movement, the detail of how a meal comes together or the detail of an accessory.


I began my fitness career over 30 years, starting with teaching Aerobics and Weight training. I worked as a physical therapy aide in a care facility for developmentally disabled and also in an Orthopedic PT office. My chosen major in college was Physical Education, specifically Adaptive PE. Prior to starting Pilates in 1997, I had been in an auto accident that resulted in three back surgeries. I had always relied on my physical education background to keep me strong but now I was finding this difficult, enter Pilates. Within 6 months of starting Pilates I was pain free and had regained my strength. At this point I wanted to help others to not only feel better but also live as pain free as possible.

I’ve been doing Pilates since 1997 and teaching since 2003. I did my original training when I was living on the east coast. After moving back to California in 2004 I decided to teach fulltime. At that time I started a small in home studio while working at various local studios in the Bay area. During the past 15 years I’ve worked exclusively out of my home studio. I offer small mat classes as well as private and duet equipment classes.


I received my Pilates certification in 2003 through PhysicalMind in New York. Since then I have continued my education through various workshops and trainings. I have done special training in: pre and post natal fitness, rehabilitation for breast cancer survivors, working with seniors, scoliosis and osteoporosis to name a few. In 2006, I was introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ® and obtained my Level I certification in 2009. In 2011, I went through the BASI ProBridge program. I believe Pilates as a great movement system with options for everyone regardless of their movement experience.

It has always been my goal to help my clients move and feel better through their daily lives.

Let’s connect.

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